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Dyslexia Victoria Online trains teachers, tutors and parents how to assess right-brained students for dyslexic symptoms and how to teach the methods and skills these students need in order to learn. We explain how to discover a dyslexic student's strongest learning sense and how to evaluate the degree of severity of their learning problems.

To accomplish these goals, Dyslexia Victoria Online offers two distance education training courses for which a trainee will receive a certificate upon completion of an open-book examination that prepares them for assessing and/or teaching dyslexic students. Our courses and books cover all aspects of dyslexia with an emphasis on the learning problems, their causes and solutions.

Note: We are not connected to any college or university. Our courses are based on over 25 years of gathering information from world wide researchers and experts working in the field of Dyslexia and our assessing and tutoring Dyslexic children and adults.

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR A COURSE When you have decided which course you would like to enroll in please add it to your shopping cart in the Webstore and proceed to checkout. Once your purchase is complete then come back to the "Distance Learning Page" for the course and go to the form you will find at the end of each course description. Fill it out and click "Submit Form". You will then receive your course materials through general mail.

Any questions please contact us at: Email: or call 250-655-3034 and ask for Karen Hope.