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Course 3 - Combination of Distance Course 1 & Course 2


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"Course 3 Combination of Distance Course 1 & Course 2":

The process for signing up for the course is: 1. Fill out the form below the general description of the course and send it. 2. Purchase the course by adding the course to your cart and paying with Visa or Mastercard. What will be covered in these courses: "Course One - How the Right Brain Thinks and Learns" is designed for training parents, tutors and teachers to understand Dyslexia as a learning difference and how to teach to it. This course is based on our study of worldwide research on Dyslexia and our work with children and adults experiencing Dyslexia. We also look at students with ADD/ADHD as right brain learners who also learn better in school with these teaching methods. "Course Two - Assessing and Evaluating the Dyslexic Student" is designed for training teachers and tutors to assess students for Dyslexia. The emphasis is on assessing and creating reports for schools and parents that include teaching methods and accommodations. Our approach for teaching this content:

  • workbooks, assignments and open book tests
  • life experiences with Dyslexics such as teaching them, having Dyslexic family members or being a Dyslexic will be helpful for the student to draw on with these courses
  • no course requirements for the courses.

How these courses will be delivered:

  • the courses will be in an independent format.
  • the student can work through the courses at their own pace.
  • there are no deadlines for assignments or course completion dates.
  • the course materials will be mailed to the student.

General course goals/objectives: The purpose of these courses is not to measure a student's intelligence against school standards or to emphasize grade level achievement as most psycho-educational testing. It is concerned with determining a right brain dominant learning difference (Dyslexia) and finding what skills he or she is has or is missing that would enable them to succeed more efficiently in their academic studies. We want to provide the assessor with an insight into what it means to be right-brained dominant as a child in school. We will:

  • help the assessor or teacher/parent develop a list of the symptoms, causes and solutions of dyslexia when they see them.
  • help assessor or teacher/parent find the Dyslexic student's learning strengths that will assure them academic success.
  • show assessor or teacher/parent how to prepare the parent and student to manage many emotional, social and academic dyslexic problems as they arise with the student.
  • prepare assessor or teacher/parent to teach dyslexic students using the assessment methods and teaching approaches we offer.
  • provide assessor or teacher/parent with accommodations such as computer programs to help the Dyslexic student.

The course materials required are included in the course package include the following: - How the Right Brain Thinks Book
- How the Right Brain Thinks Workbook
- Teaching the Dyslexic Student: Spelling and Language Arts Book
- Dyslexia or Being Right-brained Book
- 14 Steps to Teach Dyslexics how to Spell and Read Manual
- Assessments and Evaluations of the Dyslexic Student Book
- The Study of English Literature Book
-Open book tests and templates for working with students after course is completed There will be a certificate of completion for both course when the courses are finished and the student has passed the assignments and open book tests.

Please complete the enrollment form below and click the submit button to email it to us. The materials package will be shipped to you upon receipt of this enrollment form and confirmation of payment.

Student Name
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By checking "yes", I agree to the terms and conditions of enrollment with Dyslexia Victoria Online. See below for "Terms and Conditions"


Price includes course and materials. Upon completion of this course a certificate will be issued from Dyslexia Victoria Online. Note: that at the present time, there are no Universities which provide accreditation for our courses. We will accept a purchase order from schools or teaching organizations and an invoice will be sent out with the course materials and the documentation. An enrollment application may be canceled by a student via email within ten days after receiving the materials package. Tuition fees will be refunded less 10% if course materials are returned in unused condition within thirty (30) days after delivery.

Dyslexia Victoria Online - Issue Resolution Policy

In case of a dispute, we offer the following resolution policy: 1. The student can telephone, fax or email Dyslexia Victoria Online and bring the complaint to the attention of Karen Hope. Ph: 250-655-3034 Fax: 250-656-3038 Email: 2. If the complaint cannot be resolved through discussion then written submissions from all parties concerned will be requested. The founder will review the submissions and assume responsibility for the dispute resolution. After completing the enrollment form, you will then be taken to a payment page to make your payment for the course materials with our secure payment system. The materials package will be sent to the student on receipt of this enrollment form and the confirmation of payment. If you have any questions, please contact us. Note: Information collected on this course enrollment form will be kept confidential for course enrollment purposes only and will never be given or sold to any third party for marketing purposes.


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