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ATTENTION EMPLOYERS! Consulting & Assessments for Dyslexia and Literacy Issues in the Workplace

yhst-55030780566641-2268-2684990.jpg"Dyslexia Victoria Online's provides assessments and accommodations for Dyslexic employees and employees with literacy and numeracy issues in the workplace. We also offer workshops and information for employers and managers who wish to create a work friendly environment for employees who have different learning styles and literacy and numeracy challenges."


• Dyslexia, literacy, numeracy and learning styles assessments for employees in the workplace or looking for job placement.

• Dyslexia, literacy and numeracy teaching solutions and accommodations for employees.

• Workshops and consultations for Dyslexia and Literacy Awareness and, Teaching Solutions and Accommodations.

*We are located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada. We travel on and off the island for our services. Some areas will require travel expenses. Please contact Karey Hope for more information and to set up an appointment or workshop.

Call: (250)715-3034
FAX: (250)715-3028


The session takes about one hour and determines whether the Barrier to Employment may be Dyslexia or Literacy/Numeracy issues. At this point we can suggest whether a comprehensive assessment is recommended. Included in this session we determine the "Learning Style" of the individual and whether coloured acetates are effective.


Assessments take about three to four hours. We assess for Dyslexia/Literacy/Numeracy indicators and what the areas of weaknesses and strengths are for the client. We determine the client's appropriate Learning Style, what work skills they are proficient at and those that need to be improved. We also make suggestions for accommodations and adjustments and teaching solutions. The written report can be used to communicate the findings to a Human Resources department or an Occupational Therapist for accommodations and adjustments. Our reports have been used by employers creating a better work environment for Dyslexics or employees with Literacy/Numeracy issues.


Our "Life Skills" coaching sessions have had great success and most often the client has a significant grasp of their learning difference after about six hours. This is broken into 3 two to three hour sessions. Usually when an individual realizes that the unique way they learn is valuable and just as appropriate as any other learning process they tend to become much more confident in their abilities. By using their own learning and thinking style they will be just as effective in their jobs as their co-workers. We also provide handouts and information about Dyslexia for the client.


We will recommend local free literacy and adult school programs that can help an employee improve their reading and numeracy skills. We also have have resources with employment agencies and adult learning and computer training companies that offer special programs for adults retraining for entering or re-entering the workforce or trying to upgrade their literacy skills.


This presentation introduces the attendees to the general theories of how the Right and Left hemispheres of the brain processes information and how this relates to Dyslexia. We explain why we see Dyslexia as a gift and learning difference rather than a disability. We also explain many of the superior traits that the Dyslexic can bring to an employer. The presentation includes a Question and Answer period at the end and the attendees receive a handout that reviews all the topics discussed. This is very helpful in describing Dyslexia in terms that are easily understood without medical jargon. This is presented by a successful Dyslexic mother of three extremely successful Dyslexic adult children who are happy, confident and effective in their work. Appropriate for Dyslexic employees, facilitators of all types, service providers, HR representatives, supervisors, management and employers who want to understand what their employees are experiencing and how to communicate better with these incredibly valuable, talented and problem-solving employees. We require pre-registration and at least four attendees. *All participants receive a Dyslexia Victoria Online training session certificate for attending the workshop for professional development.


The topics introduced in the two hour presentation are expanded on. Really, this is a two part workshop that includes research on Dyslexia, recent findings in the UK and New Zealand where "Dyslexia Friendly Best Practices" have been proven successful time and again over the past 15 years. During the workshop participants have many opportunities to experience examples of what cause confusion for the Dyslexic but in a way that affects the non-dyslexic as well. Specific skills and methods for spotting "Indicators" of Dyslexia as well as simple checklists are taught. This workshop is also appropriate for the same group as the two hour presentation. We also require pre-registration and at least four attendees.

*All participants receive a Dyslexia Victoria Online training session certificate for attending the workshop for professional development.


This is the industry standard dictation software that converts dictated speech into a Word document. The software must be included by the individual and the Windows operating system needs to be on the computer. The first session must be a two hour minimum because the system needs to be initialized so the software can recognize the client's voice patterns. Additional instruction can be done in one hour segments.


Another highly regarded software package that reads out loud documents that are on a computer in the Windows operating system. Again, the software must be purchased by the client but can be installed by us. This package also requires a two hour set up session. Total training usually takes from three to four hours.


Ginger software is the leading contextual spell and grammar checker on the market today. Based on a full sentence context, Ginger can automatically correct severe spelling and grammatical mistakes at an unmatched success rate. It enables users to produce error free texts, quickly and easily. Works with all Windows formats. Loading, set up and initial training takes about 90 minutes.

A selection of organizations who have consulted with Dyslexia Victoria Online & Fulcrum:

  • Mott MacDonald
  • Learning Skills Council (UK)
  • Nat West Mortgages
  • Virgin Rail Group
  • First Direct Bank (HSBC)
  • TUC
  • Ishida -largest weighing machine producer in the world(Japan)
  • UK Employment Service
  • Regent Christian Online Academy
  • Global Employment Services
  •Birmingham Mint
   •General Electric Company
  •UK Yellow Pages
  •GOV UK Learning Skills Council
  •Wedgwood (Head Office)
  •Waitrose Supermarkets
  •GOV UK Disability Service
  •CSETS Duncan
  •Victoria Ideal School of   Education
  • Midland Electricity Board Utility (UK)
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Halifax Bank (UK)
  •UK Communication Company
  • HSBC plc
  • Barclays Bank
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Belamy Learning
  • Vancouver Island University
  • Cowichan Native Friendship Center
  • Cadbury



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